Writing has always been a huge passion for me.

I am a UK student, currently studying Film and English Literature at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have a strong passion for writing, specifically critical essays and reviews for many different genres and texts. Throughout my life, English Literature and Film have been huge passions. I always have loved to debate the meanings of texts and films. Looking at something concrete that represents a specific image and decoding allows me and others to understand more about the world we live in and differing perspectives.

I also have a keen interest in online cultures, specifically niche movements and their historical basis and social implications. Growing up and surrounded by the internet, it was always new and exciting. However, as an adult, I have come to realise that the internet, like most media, has a lot of movements, some more positive than others. Researching into these is so exhilarating to me, as they are often very nuanced and have many different perspectives.

Creative writing is also a huge passion of mine, especially poetry. I was published in Everlasting Ink, a poetry anthology by teenagers in 2019, which was published by Young Writers. The poem, titled I Know Terrible Things, is about an immigrant coming to the UK. Young Writers also published an anthology of mystery flash fiction in 2020, called Missing, in which I also was featured. The short story was titled A Policeman’s Notebook and was written in under 100 words. Too Good to Go also hosted a poetry competition in 2020, in which I came second.

I have also worked for Unifresher, a student blog, as a volunteer writer. Writing articles from backpacking to personal statements, I worked mainly on writing listicle-esque content and advice content for students. You can see my full body of work for this organisation here. Through Unifresher, I have learnt how to write for a wide audience and SEO optimization.

Films have always been a huge part of my life. Ever since I can remember, I've loved the film. Not only watching them but thinking about their meanings. I can remember after watching Alien for the first time and thinking about the use of colour and realising that it told a story in itself. This amazed me and opened my mind to the possibilities of film.

I went on to study film and I love the medium, as it has so much depth and scope from which you can decode many messages.